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Regular bleeps and videos on therapy related matters. Following the continuous journey of development and learning and the broader knowledge pool on all that is therapy and therapeutic!

Rejection: a practical understanding

September 7, 2020

We all have to deal with rejection in so many parts of life, some rejections are bigger and others border insignificant but they all impact us in a very much physiological way. Check out Guy Winch talking about what rejections really "feel" like. And also find out more in his talk on healing rejection and how others' no's represent their limitations and not our shortcomings.

Walking Therapy: the Impact of Movement and the Outdoors

July 16, 2020

Walk and Talk therapy originated in New York some 20 years ago. It came from the need for movement and dealing with the anxieties of the big city and connected with the peace and joy of being in nature. It has evolved and branched out in many ways, each practitioner has a unique personal take on it and each client has individual needs that guide the final strategy. You can find out more about founder Clay Cockrell on A blog post is coming up!

The Polyvagal Theory - Introduction

July 10, 2020

Understanding the physiology of Trauma can be super helpful for so much more than dealing with extreme distress and PTSD, it explains and provides insight into how our nervous systems respond to relationships and pretty much all human contact. The therapeutic implications can be translated to working with depression, anxiety, addictions and so much more! Dr. Stephen Porges is the pioneer of this theory. There's a short interview explaining a bit of the basics in the video section. For more check out his work on

The Sentis Compilation

July 1, 2020

Sentis have done a great job at explain some building blocks of understanding when it comes to our brains. The neuroplasticity of change is particularly helpful when trying to understand therapeutic change. You can find more videos on their YouTube channel.

Resources: Resources
Resources: Video
The Rejection Experiment | Guy Winch | Goalcast
The Polyvagal Theory and PTSD with Stephen Porges, PhD
The Social Brain
Conscious vs. subconscious thinking
Emotions and the Brain
Limitations of the brain
How the brain works
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