COVID-19 Update: 

I am currently offering ONLINE THERAPY and WALK & TALK THERAPY as additional support for the impacts of the pandemic. 

Face-to-face sessions are in accordance with UK Government guidance. Your safety and wellbeing are always a priority!



My physical practice is based in Chiswick, West London and Hampstead, North West London. 

The summaries of the services provided below are a general guideline, once you have contacted me and arranged a consultation assessment, we can decide on a tailored version of what is most appropriate for you. 

Walking Boots
Girl Reading

Walk and Talk Sessions

A walking alternative to standard online or face-to-face sessions, from £60 per session

Individual Sessions

A short-term or open-ended exploratory and solution-oriented approach, available online and face-to-face, from £60 per session

Sessions for Young People

A facilitative approach focusing on self-exploration and resilience building, from £60 per session


Additional Information

The initial phone consultation is complimentary.

The consultation assessment session is a set £75 and lasts between 1 h and 1 h 15 mins. 

All other sessions last 50 mins and are from £60/£70 per session varying on type of service and location.

Once we have agreed to work together, both short-term and open-ended sessions happen at the same time slot every week unless we make a separate arrangement.  

There are a limited amount of concession rate slots available.

British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Chiswick W4 and Hampstead NW5, London, England.


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